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Druine D.5 Turbi




After designed the Turbulent, Roger Druine created the two-seat version, the D.5 Turbi. The prototype first flying in the late 1940s, powered by a Beaussier Bo2.
The Turbi tandem two-seater follows the same lines as the Turbulent and the construction is very similar. The rear turtle-decking on early models was fabric covered, but later models are plywood covered. Dual controls are fitted. The fuselage is of rectangular slab-sided construction with four spruce longerons and frames. The fin is built integral with the fuselage. The tailplane is non-adjustable and like the fin is plywood covered. The wings employ fixed slots, a box type main spar, drag spar, rear spar, lattice type ribs and plywood cover­ing forward of the main spar. The remainder including the ailerons are fabric covered. The main undercarriage is of divided type and has coil springs for shock absorption. A variety of engines may be installed from 45 to 85 h.p.


Falconar plans show open cockpit with dual controls that can be flown solo from either the front or back seat, the original design was a dual windshield open cockpit.  Early Turbi's built in England were powered with the DH Gipsy Minor.  The 4 cylinder 65hp Czech Walter LOM II AE has a dry weight of only 132 lbs - which is a similar configuration to the Gipsy Minor.  Other popular engines can be a Continental or Lycoming 65 to 115 HP.


Built by the de Havilland Technical School students – Walter Mikron 60 hp


Druine D-53 Turbi. C/n (msn): PFA 229


Falconar updated plans & kits for this light 2-seater tandem sportplane, in the LSA catergory.

Options include enclosed cockpit either with single curvature windows or vacuum formed bubble canopy.



Vne (never exceed speed): 108 mph
Cruise speed: 81 mph
Range: 400 miles
Stall: 34 mph
Length: 25 ft 9 in
Wing span: 28 ft 6 in
Wing area: 142 sq.ft
Plans 2010: $305

Engine: Mikron 11, 60 h.p.
Span: 28’6”.
Length: 22’ 6”.
Wing Area: 139 sq. ft.
Empty Weight: 684 lb.
Loaded Weight: 1200 lb.
Wing Loading: 8.6 lb/sq. ft.
Max. Speed: 100 mph.
Cruise Speed: 85 mph.
Stall Speed: 45 mph.
Initial Climb: 550 fpm.
Range: 320 miles.

Falconar Avia Turbi D5
Cruise: 90 mph
Stall: 34 mph
Range: 460 sm
Rate of climb: 700 fpm
Takeoff dist: 600 ft
Landing dist: 400 ft
Engine: Continental C-65, 65 hp
HP range: 65-115 hp
Fuel capacity: 16 USG
Empty weight: 600 lb
Gross weight: 1067 lb
Length: 25.8 ft
Wing span: 28.5 ft
Wing area: 142 sq.ft
Seats: 2
Cockpit width: 24 in
Landing gear: tailwheel

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