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Aeronca Aircraft Corp C-3 Duplex / Collegian / Master / PC-3 / 100


The Aeronca C-3 was an offshoot of the C-2 Deluxe. Introduced in 1934, it was similar to the C-2 in structure but was expanded to accommodate side-by-side seating for two. The C-3 was produced in two versions; the Master / Duplex of 1931 was the Deluxe Collegian with an enclosed cabin design and rounded spine, and the Collegian retained the open cockpit styling and is easily confused with its C-2 predecessor. By this time, the production of both the engine and airframe of the Aeronca took place in Britain.

The C-3 Collegian sold for US$1895 at the factory. Various improvements were incorporated in the C-3 design year by year, including detachable cabin enclosures, roomier cockpits, leather upholstery and cantilever single strut landing gear. The PC-3 being a pontoon equipped model.

The 36-hp E-113 engine underwent modification and by 1935, as the E-113C, powered the C-3 Master with 40-hp, sell for US$1695 in 1931. Two were built as floatplanes (NC11277 and NC11416).

Other significant changes included a cabin heater and wheel brakes. The ‘razorback’ appearance changed when a non-structural wooden frame was formed around the triangular welded steel fuselage, earning the nickname ‘roundback’. Simultaneously, the C-3 Master acquired a rounded rudder.

Pending production of a British model called the Aeronca 100, 16 American-built C-3 airframes were assembled at Hanworth, London by Aeronautical Corporation of Great Britain Ltd.


Aeronca 100


439 were built during six years of production including many conversions to C-3 Master; 14 PC-3 on floats, and 1 modified from C-1. Five appear in production records as C-3-SP "Special Purpose".

The Aeronca C-3 evolved into the Aeronca K Scout in 1937.


Aeronca 100


C-3, PC-3 Collegian
Engine: Aeronca E-113, 36hp        
Wing span: 36 ft 0 in
Length: 20 ft 0 in            
Height: 7 ft 6 in
Wing area: 142 sq.ft             
Empty weight: 466 lb
Payload: 470 lb                
Max speed: 82 mph
Cruise speed: 75 mph                
Stall speed: 38 mph    
Range: 300 sm                
Seats: 2

C-3 Master
Engine: Aeronca E-113C, 40 hp         
Gross weight: 1,005 lb
Empty weight: 569 lb                 
Top speed: 95 mph
Cruise speed: 87 mph               
Range: 200 sm
Ceiling: 12,000 ft               
Initial climb rate: 450 fpm
Seats: 2

C-3-SP “Special Purpose”
Engine: Aeronca E-107A, 28hp



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