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Roland Duruble 2 / RD 02r Edelweisse



Conceived primitively in 1945 of wood, and the construction beginning in 1946, there were disappointments with the Caurite glue. The Office Véritas informed the builders that the plane could not be accepted.

With thoughts of a metallic prototype, the goal was to show that one with 65 cvs. Several years of study and the first drawings done, the framework began at Bessonneau until 1956. The plane was transported at Legrand, where the prototype was finished towards the end of 1961.

The assembly and completion were achieved at the Boos airfield.

July 7, 1962, Edelweiss first flew. Testing by the CNRA was completed June 24. CNRA n° 270952 was delivered August 19, 1963, partner to the file n° 341 of August 23, 1963.

A two-seater, all metal plane, with a Walter-Mikron 4-III motor of 65 hp at 2600 rpm, with retractable tricycle undercarriage.

The Edelweisse was presented to the gathering of the amateur constructors at Rouen-Boos the 16, 17 and 18 August 1963 and made a sensation.

On February 21, 1981, a motor breakdown led Roland Duruble to fit a Revmaster 2100D n°s 2496 of 75 hp, and a twin-bladed metallic constant speed Maloof propeller.

The prop was replaced with a twin-bladed in wood and Revmaster reduced performance to 65 hp at 3200 rpm, although TBO became 1000 hrs instead of 800. Climb rate was noted at + 1,5 m/ses to 11500 ft. The

By October 8, 1984 with 947 hs 25 min TT. the craft wass sold to M. Jacques Plumet. The reported flight time on October 23, 1993 was 1097 hs 39min.


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