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Duruble Edelweiss RD 03



This aircraft is a 4 seat aircraft with the prototype (F-PYIT) powered by a Lycoming O320 (160Hp) for the first flight in March 1982. Made available in plans form for home construction and developed from the earlier RD-02 two-seater.

Able to take up to 180hp, the propeller was a variable speed Hoffmann, and autoopilot (badin Crouzet), classified IFR in 1984.

With 23in and 2300rpm it can cruise about 140kt and use 32l per hour (100LL).

Windspan: 8.820m
Length: 6.875m
Wing area: 11.388sq.m
Airfoil: Naca 23019
socket Profil : Naca 23012
Marginal Profil : 6°30'
Dihedral: -3°
Twisted: +3°
Number of seats: 4
Power: 160 HP
Class: Utility
Max speed: 275 km/h
Cruise speed: 253 km/h
Stall speed clean: 105 km/h
Stall speed gear and flaps: 92 km/h
ROC: 5.9 m/s
Max ceiling: 5000 m
Empty weight: 485 kg
Fuel: 108 kg
Passager front weight: 172 kg
Passager rear weight: 154 kg
Luggage: 20 kg
max payload: 443 kg
MAUW: 928 kg
Wing loading: 81.49 kg/sq.m
Power loading: 6.19 kg/hp

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