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Dusenbury, Mark Wright Flyer III


On October 3, 2007, at Huffman Prairie, Ohio, USA, Mark Dusenberry flew his Wright Flyer Ill reproduction for 2min 10sec around the oval course where Wilbur Wright proved the practicality of powered flight in 1905.

Dusenberry's flight was the longest achieved by a Wright III reproduction. It came during rehearsals for a series of educational events on October 5 to celebrate the 102nd anniversary of Wilbur's flight, during which the pioneer flew 29 laps of the course, covering 24 miles in 39min.

Construction took Dusenberry 10,000hr over a 10yr period, using the same materials seen on the original, spruce and ash. He also built a reproduction 1905 engine, and carved the spruce propellers. The only departure from original construction was the polyester cloth covering.

The October 5 events were organised by the US National Parks Service, and 2,500 people assembled at the prairie to watch Dusenberry's flight; it lasted only 40sec, ending when the starboard wingtip clipped the ground in a turn. Mark was unhurt in the impact, and said. “All I broke was a bunch of sticks, and put a few holes in the fabric. I will repair it, and should have it flying in about a year"


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