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Dyn'Aero MCR CR120




The CR120 is a two-seater directly derived from the CR100. The first flights took place in September 1996, with the optimal performance with 200hp.
The 120 has a stronger wing and no flaps.

The aircraft built starting from the plans will be able to fly under CNRA (Navigability certificate Restricts Plane), and the kit plane will fly under the CNSK (Special Navigability certificate Kit) "category; experimental", according to the country of registration.

CR 120
Engine: Lycoming, 200 hp
Prop; fixed pitch
Wing span; 7.77 m
Wing area; 9.74 sq.m
Length; 6.2 m
Fuel capacity; 85 lt
Empty weight; 570 kg
MTOW; 850 kg
Aileron span; 2.70 m
Aileron area; 1.63 sq.m
Max manœuvre (Va); 260 km/h
Never exceed (Vne); 342 km/h
Max turbulent air (Vno); 301 km/h
Load factor; +8 /-6 g
Rate of climb; 10 m/s
Roll rate at 260 km/h; 275 deg/s



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