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Aeronca Aircraft Corp 11 / Chief / Super Chief

After World War II, the Chief was introduced as the Model II AC, and a float version (11ACS / S11AC). It was a variation of the Model 7 Champion and differed primarily by having increased fuselage width to permit side-by-side seating and a lowered cowling line for better visibility. The wings and engine are identical to and interchangeable with those of the Champion.
The IIAC was powered by a 65 hp Continental. The Model II BC, and a float version (11BCS / S11BC) was also powered by an 85-hp Continental.
A further improvement on the Chief was designated the II CC Super Chief, and a float version (11CCS / S11CC) and was powered by an 85-hp Continental with a higher gross weight, and wider c/g range. It featured new balanced elevator surfaces to meet new trim requirements called for in the Civil Air Regulations. Its cruise speed was 95 mph, and its climb rate was 600 fpm. The 11AC Chief was built from 1947 to 1951.



11CC Super Chief

Aeronca sold the Super Chief Model 11 type certificate to E. J. Trytek of Syracuse, NY. Though Mr Trytek did not manufacture any airplanes, but he did license Hindustan Aircraft of India to build the Chief as the HUL-26 'Pushpak'. 154 'Pushpaks' were built from 1958 to 1968.


11AC / 11ACS Chief  / S11AC
1945 (ATC 761);
Engine: Continental C-65, 65hp        
Wingspan: 36 ft 0 ft
Length: 20 ft 10 in             
Payload: 525 lb
Max speed: 105 mph                
Cruise speed: 95 mph
Stall speed: 40 mph                
Range: 330 nm
Seats: 2                
Price: US$2,395-2,585
Number built: 1,862

11AC / 11ACS Chief  / S11AC
Engine: Lycoming, 65 hp
Wingspan: 36 ft 0 ft
Gross weight: 1155 lb
Empty weight: 675 lb

Fuel capacity: 12 USG                 
Top speed: 105 mph
Cruise speed: 95 mph                 
Stall speed: 37 mph
Initial climb rate:     600 fpm             
Service ceiling: 14,000 ft
Range: 240 nm                 
Seats: 2

11BC / 11BCS Chief / S11BC
1945 (ATC 761)
Engine: Continental C-85-8F, 85hp    
Wingspan: 36 ft 0 ft
Length: 20 ft 10 in             
Seats: 2
Price: US$2,665            
Number built: 180

11CC / 11CCS Super Chief / S11CC
1948 (ATC 796)
Engine: Continental C-85-8F, 85hp    
Wing span: 36 ft 1 in
Length: 20 ft 5 in            
Gross weight: 1350 lb
Empty weight: 820 lb                 
Payload: 530 lb
Fuel capacity: 23 USG                 
Max speed: 110 mph    
Cruise speed: 97 mph                
Stall speed: 43 mph    
Range: 370 nm                 
Initial climb rate:    650 fpm
Service ceiling: 14,500 ft            
Seats: 2
Takeoff distance, 50 ft: 620 ft                 
Price: US$2,585-2,475
Landing distance, 50 ft: 860 ft                
Number built: 276


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