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EFW (Eidgenössische Flugzeugwerke) / F+W
Eidgenossische Konstruktions Werkstätte
Federal Construction Workshop
Eidgenossiches Flugzeugwerke
EFW / Elbe Flugzeugwerke
F + W
Fabrique Federale D'avions

Eidgenössiche (Constructions) Werkstätte  was formed at Thun early in First World War. Made aircraft to designs of A. Haefeli, who was earlier with Farman and Ago. First was DH-1 pusher (six built in 1916) showing Ago influence; DH-2 was tractor which went into production as developed DH-3 (110 of these two-seaters built). DH-4 was fighter prototype of 1918; DH-5 (1919; 60 built) a DH-3 replacement; DH-5A a higher-powered version of 1928, with steel-tube fuselage (22 built). To a government specification of 1934 it built the C-35 multipurpose two-seat biplane as a replacement for the Fokker C.V-E, which it resembled, and which the company had produced jointly with Dornier since 1932.

The Eidgenos-sische Konstruktions Werkstatte (EKW) built the Fokker C.V-E under licence.

EKW (Eidgenossische Konstruktions Werkstätte, or Federal Construction Workshop) became EFW.

In 1932 Dornier production was resumed in Germany. The Swiss factory subsequently became the Eidgenossisches Flugzeugwerk. Founded 1934 as government-run R&D organization, with manufacturing, maintenance and upgrading capabilities. In an official specification of 1934 the company had designed the C-36 monoplane.
Newly named EFW, it revived the design in 1938 and built 160 as C-3603. Of C-3604 development, only 13 were built.

EFW began in 1955 manufacturing the Ilyushin Il-14P under licence, as well as development of the Baade 152.

After the war became responsible for Swiss license production of various foreign aircraft for Swiss Air Force, including the British Vampire, Venom and Hunter (under Hawker Siddeley contract), several versions of French Mirage and US F-5E/F combat aircraft, plus French Alouette III helicopter. Produced C-3605 as turboprop conversion of wartime C-3603 fighter-bomber, used for target-towing.

Adopted F + W title in 1972 from former EFW and two other used names. Subsequent work has included assembly of Hawk trainers, Hornet fighters, component production for Airbus and McDonnell Douglas airliners, manufacture of missiles, and more.

Later became a subsidiary of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS).


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