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Single-seat single-engined mid-wing monoplane with conventional three-axis control. Wing has swept back leading and trailing edges, and tapering chord; no tail, canard wing. Pitch control by elevator on canard; yaw control by tip rudders; roll control by half-span up-only ailerons and spoilers; control inputs through stick for pitch/roll and pedals for yaw. Cantilever wing; main-wing profile, modified Liebeck; canard profile, GU25; both double-surface. Undercarriage has three wheels in tricycle formation; no suspension on nosewheel and glass-fibre suspension on main wheels. Push-right go-right nosewheel steering connected to yaw control. No brakes. Aluminium-tube glassfibre fuselage, partially enclosed. Engine mounted above wing driving pusher propeller.

Composite-construction wing of foam and aluminium covered with glass-fibre skin.


Eurowing Goldwing

Since 1981 Brian Harri-son's Eurowing company has been building the Goldwing under license from the US company Goldwing Ltd, but in those years he has made a number of modifications to the Craig Catto design, often with the help of Catto himself, to suit the aircraft better to European conditions. The principal changes concern the undercarriage and the engine. The narrow-track undercarriage of the US version has been replaced by a more rugged wide-track design with glass-fibre suspension on the main wheels. Engines have been more of a problem. By replacing the Cuyuna with a 330 cc Robin, Eurowing was able to create a Goldwing which just satisfied the British microlight definition as regards wing loading. However, it only required the buil-der to be over generous with the glass-fibre to the tune of 3 kg, and the wing loading would exceed the legal limit. The solution to this situation came with the KFM 107 and Konig SC430 engines, both of which are substantially lighter than the Robin.

Another small but significant modification has been to paint the canard with a matt finish. This has the effect of making water droplets form a continuous film which, unlike droplets on a shiny surface, does not spoil the airflow. The aircraft thus becomes much more manageable in the rain, a consideration which in Scotland, where Eurowing is based, is very important.




Manufactured in the US, the Goldwing Ltd Goldwing is a canard mono-plane with sweptback main wings and movable control surfaces. The canard is used for pitch control only and is fitted with a separate elevator mechanism. The main wingtip rudders may be deployed simultaneously with the rudder pedals. Additional control surfaces include ailerons and spoilers. Composite construction is used throughout. The pilot is enclosed in an aerodynamic nacelle. POWERPLANT: Cuyuna 430D with recoil starter mounted in a pusher position behind the pilot nacelle. The engine has been modified for aircraft use with two extra main bear-ings, an extended crankshaft, lower compression ratio, separate ignition for each cylinder, special carburetor and tuned exhaust system. Direct drive is standard, turning a two-blade wooden propeller made by Goldwing. Fuel is carried in a plastic container located behind the pilot. A 2:1 reduction unit is optional. LANDING GEAR: Tricycle land-ing gear make use of moped shock absorbers with coil springs. The nosewheel is steerable, and there are no brakes. Main and nosewheels are 20 inches in diameter. First year built: 1978. Units delivered by June 1981 100+.

The Goldwing UL is the same as standard Goldwing, with lower-power engine and lighter weight to comply with Ultralight Category parameters. POWERPLANT: 25-hp Zenoah.

The Goldwing II is a two place. The Gold Duster is equipped with full spray equipment.

At 290 lbs the standard Goldwing Ltd Goldwing falls into the FAA’s Experimental category; not Ultralight.




Eurowing Goldwing
Engine: Robin EC34PM, 30 hp at 6200 rpm.
Propeller diameter and pitch 54 x 30 inch, 1.37 x 0.76 m.
V-belt reduction, ratio 2.7/1.
Max static thrust 190 lb, 86 kg.
Length overall 12.0 ft, 3.66 m.
Height overall 6.0ft, 1.83m.
Wing span 30.0ft, 9.14m.
Chord at root 4.5ft, 1.37 m.
Chord at tip 3.0ft, 0.91m.
Canard span 10.0ft, 3.05m.
Canard chord 1.5 ft, 0.46 m.
Fin height 3.0 ft, 0.91 m.
Total wing area 145 sq.ft, 13.5 sq.m.
Main wing area 130 sq.ft, 12.1 sq.m.
Canard area 15 sq.ft, 1.4 sq.m.
Main-wing aspect ratio 6.9/1.
Wheel track 5.0 ft, 1.52 m.
Wheelbase 7.0 ft, 2.13 m.
Nosewheel diameter overall 14 inch, 36 cm.
Main wheels diameter overall 16 inch, 41 cm.
Power per unit area 0.21 hp/sq.ft, 2.2 hp/sq.m.
Fuel capacity 6.0 US gal, 5.0 Imp gal, 22.7 litre.
Empty weight 290 lb, 132kg.
Max take-off weight 540 lb, 245kg.
Payload 250 lb, 113kg.
Max wing loading 3.72 lb/sq.ft, 18.1 kg/m .
Max power loading 18.0 lb/hp, 8.2kg/hp.
Load factors; +6.5, -3.0 ultimate.
Max level speed 75 mph, 121 kph.
Never exceed speed 90 mph, 145 kph.
Max cruising speed 65 mph, 105 kph.
Economic cruising speed 45 mph, 72 kph.
Stalling speed 28 mph, 45 kph.
Max climb rate at sea level 750 ft/min, 3.8 m/s.
Min sink rate 200 ft/min at 35 mph, 1.0 m/s at 56 kph.
Best glide ratio with power off 14/1 at 45 mph, 72 kph.
Take-off distance 200 ft, 60 m.
Land-ing distance 180 ft, 55 m.
Range at average cruising speed 220 mile, 354 km.

Goldwing Ltd Goldwing
Engine: 30 hp Cuyuna 430D.
Engine displacement 429cc.
Rated hp 30.
Static thrust 150 lbs.
Wing-span 30’.
Wing area 128 sq.ft.
Aspect ratio 5.6.
Overall length 12’.
Empty weight 290 lbs.
Wing loading 4.2 Ibs/sq.ft.
L/D power-off glide ratio 16:1.
Cruise speed (85% power) 60 mph.
Stall speed 24 mph.
Approach speed 40 mph.
Flare speed 30 mph.
Liftoff speed 26 mph.
Takeoff roll distance 150 ft.
Rate of climb 600 fpm.
Fuel capacity 2½ gal.
Range at cruise 100 mi.
Max pilot wt: 240 lbs.

Goldwing Ltd Goldwing UL

Wingspan 30’.
Wing area 148 sq.ft.
Length 12’.
Empty weight 250 lbs.
Gross weight 540 lbs.
Cruise speed 63 mph.
Stall speed 26 mph.
Vmax 70 mph.
Climb rate 500+ fpm.
Fuel capacity 3 USG.
Rated hp 25.

Goldwing Ltd Goldwing ST
Wingspan 30’.
Wing area 140 sq.ft.
Empty weight 280 lbs.
Gross weight 540 lbs.
Cruise speed 60 mph.
Stall speed 26 mph.
Vmax 70 mph.
Climb rate 800 fpm.
TO run: 150 ft.
Ldg roll: 200 ft.

Goldwing Ltd Goldwing II
Engine: Rotax 503, 50 hp.
Wingspan 32’.
Wing area 170 sq.ft.
Empty weight 340 lbs.
Gross weight 790 lbs.
Cruise speed 60 mph.
Stall speed 32 mph.
Vmax 75 mph.
Climb rate 500 fpm.
TO run: 200 ft.
Ldg roll: 250 ft.

Goldwing Ltd Gold Duster

Engine: Cuyuna 430, 35 hp.
Wingspan 30’.
Wing area 140 sq.ft.
Empty weight 310 lbs.
Gross weight 640 lbs.
Cruise speed 60 mph.
Stall speed 26 mph.
Vmax 70 mph.
Climb rate 600 fpm.
TO run: 150 ft.
Ldg roll: 200 ft.


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