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Fabrica Nacional de Aeronaves Chincol
Chincol is a two-seat aircraft for initial training, designed and built at the Fabrica Nacional de Aeronaves plant at the "El Bosque" military base in Santiago, Chile.
The tandem-seat, fully aerobatic, primary trainer Chincol has mixed wood and metal construction and has a 215-h.p. Continental O-470-11 air-cooled flat-six engine. A Chilean wood called Manio is used for the cantilever wing and parts of the welded-steel fuselage. Although not so equipped on the prototype, the production Chincol was to have split flaps. The undercarriage is fixed.
On December 14, 1955, the "Chincol” first flew.
The Chilean Air Force became interested in the aircraft and preparations began for its serial production of 50 copies, but they refused on financial problems.
Engine: Continental 0-470-11, 215 hp
Wing span: 10.40 m
Wing area: 15.70 sq.m
Length: 7.22 m
Height: 2.10 m
Empty weight: 740 kg
Maximum take-off weight: 1050 kg
Maximum speed: 210 km / h
Cruising speed: 183 km / h
Service ceiling: 17,716 ft
Range: 650 km / 404 mi
Rate of climb: 246 m / min
Seats: 2
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