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Fairchild 24 / UC-61 / Argus
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Fairchild 24 C8-A

The mounting sales of the Fairchild 22 Model C7A induced the company to produce what was basically an enclosed cabin version of that aircraft. To achieve this, the configuration was changed to that of a braced high-wing monoplane, the resulting cabin seating two side-by-side. Other changes included the introduction of a tailwheel, and the initial Fairchild 24 Model C8 was powered by a 71kW A.C.E. Cirrus (licence-built) Hi-Ace 4-cyclinder inverted inline engine and first flew in 1932.


Fairchild’s 24R first appeared in 1939 and was produced for the civilian aircraft market until the United States entered World War II. Certificated during April 1932, only 10 examples of the basic Fairchild 24 Model C8 was produced.

The type certificate for the Fairchild 24 C8-A was issued on 1 September 1933. At least 25 examples of the C8-A were produced by the Kreider-Reisner Aircraft Co.


Temco built the 24-R46 and 24-W46 versions of the Fairchild 24-R9 and 24-W9.


Fairchild 24 C.8C G-AECO – 8 March 1936


In 1941, the United States Army Air Force contracted for a utility transport and communications version, to be known as the UC-61 Forwarder. Under Lend-Lease arrangements, about 670 of these aircraft served with the Royal Air Force and the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) ferry organisation, under the name Argus. The Argus I had a 145 hp Warner Super Scarab engine; the Argus II had a 165 hp Super Scarab engine, and the Argus III had a 175 hp inverted in-line engine.




As an innovative concept, the aircraft was available with two powerplants, Warner's Scarab and Fairchild's in-house 200 hp Ranger series in the F24 C8D, E and F. Initially the 1932 model Fairchild 24 C8B used a Warner 125 hp radial engine, and the Fairchild 24 C8C used the Warner 145 hp radial. American Cirrus III and Menasco Pirate inline engines were also occasionally used in some earlier Fairchild 24s. Later models such as the 24Ws upgraded to the 165 hp Warner Super Scarab.

1934 Fairchild F 24C-8-C 145hp Warner


In 1942, production of the F-24R was shifted to a military version, which was designated UC-61K. The F-24R is equipped with a 175 hp, six-cylinder, air-cooled Ranger engine that delivers a near 120 mph cruise speed for more than 600 miles. Other versions of the F-24 were powered by a 145 hp or 165 hp Warner Super Scarab radial, 200 hp inline Ranger and 450 hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior.

Turns while taxiing are accomplished through the use of a steerable tailwheel and construction of the F-24 is a steel-tube fuselage, heavily faired to shape with formers and spruce longerons. Wings are 66 inch chord, wooden with fabric covering. Most variants were available with optional float or ski landing gear.

The Army's World War II version, the UC-61.

Twenty-nine Fairchild 24K 'short-nosed" 24s were delivered with 165-horse-power Rangers.

Fairchild 24R Argus III



Engine: Warner Scarab, 125 hp.


1934 Fairchild F 24C-8-C
Engine: 145hp Warner
Cruise speed: 100 mph
Fuel burn: approx 36 l/hr


24-C8F Ranger

Engine; 1 x Warner Super Scarab 50, 108kW
Max take-off weight; 1089 kg / 2401 lb
Empty weight; 669 kg / 1475 lb
Wingspan; 11.07 m / 36 ft 4 in
Length; 7.26 m / 23 ft 10 in
Height; 2.24 m / 7 ft 4 in
Wing area; 16.09 sq.m / 173.19 sq ft
Max. speed; 209 km/h / 130 mph
Cruise speed; 190 km/h / 118 mph
Ceiling; 5030 m / 16500 ft
Range; 764 km / 475 miles

Engine: Ranger, 165 hp.

Engine; 1 x Warner

Fairchild 24 W41 Argus
Length: 23.819 ft / 7.26 m
Height: 7.349 ft / 2.24 m
Wingspan : 36.319 ft / 11.07 m
Wing area : 173.193 sqft / 16.09 sqm
Max take off weight : 2401.2 lb / 1089.0 kg
Weight empty : 1475.1 lb / 669.0 kg
Wing load : 13.94 lb/sq.ft / 68.00 kg/sq.m

C-61 Argus
Wingspan: 36ft.

Engine: Ranger, 175 hp
Gross wt: 2,562 lb
Empty wt: 1,863 lb
Wing area: 193.6 sq.ft
Wing loading: 14.7 lb/sq.ft.
Dihedral: 2.5 degree.
Airfoil: N-2.
Tread: 9 feet, 3 in.
Elevator span: 12 feet, 15/8 in.
Cruise: 105-120 mph.
ROC: 750 fpm.
Useful load: 699 lb.
Fuel cap: 60 USG.
Vmax: 133mph.
Vne: 185 mph.
Vs (clean): 57mph
Vs full-flap: 53mph.
Takeoff to 50 ft: 1,100 ft.
Landing 50ft: 1,000.
Range: 600 mile.
Ceiling: 14,000 ft.

Engine: 145 hp Warner Scarab
Gross weight: 1,750 lbs
Empty weight: 1,102 lb
Top speed: 133 mph
Cruise speed: 115 mph
Initial climb rate: 900 fpm
Service ceiling: 20,000 ft
Range 350 nm
Seats: 2



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