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Fairchild 45-80 Sikanis

First introduced in 1936, the F-45 was a five-seat cabin monoplane intended as a high-performance personal transport aircraft. Primarily used as an executive aircraft, it was built with a mixed construction that made use of a fabric-covered steel-tube fuselage and a wooden outer wing section.
While the prototype was powered by a 220 hp Jacobs radial engine, subsequent production models received the 370 hp, seven-cylinder Wright Whirlwind radial engine. Many reengined versions are still in active service powered by 450 hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp Juniors and 475 hp Wright Whirlwinds. Original Model 45s were capable of cruising at 164 mph at 75% power and 8,000 feet. Accommodations provided for two at the controls and three on a cross-seat in the back of the cab. A door on each side of the cabin made for easy entry.



Two Model 45-80 Sikanis were built, first flown 1937.

Engine: 370 hp Wright Whirlwind
Gross weight: 4,000 lbs
Empty weight: 2,474 lbs
Fuel capacity: 90US gal
Top speed: 170 mph
Cruise speed: 164 mph
Stall speed: 49 mph
Initial climb rate: 1,140 fpm
Range: 840 nm
Service ceiling: 19,000 ft.
Seats: 5
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