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Fairchild XC-120 Packet Plane


The conversion of one C-119B was to meet a USAF requirement for an experimental detachable-fuselage transport.

C-119B wings and tail surfaces were combined with a new upper fuselage with a flat surface. A lower component with a flat upper surface, and incorporating a cargo compartment, could be mated with the Packplane.

The flight deck was in the upper component, and the type could be flown with or without pack and it was intended that various packs for different military operations would be provided.

First flown on 11 August 1950, no production contract followed military evaluation.

Engine; 2 x Pratt & Whitney R-4360-20, 2435kW
Wingspan; 33.3 m / 109 ft 3 in
Length; 25.3 m / 83 ft 0 in
Height; 7.6 m / 24 ft 11 in
Crew; 5
Passengers; 66

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