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Fairchild M-224 / VZ-5


Another deflected slipstream type, similar in principle to the Ryan VZ-3, the Fairchild M-224 achieved less success. It was a two-seat high-wing monoplane with a single 1,024 hp General Electric YT58-GE-2 turboshaft engine driving four propellers each of 8 ft 5 in diameter. The wing had 50 per cent chord flaps and endplates. For vertical take-off, it was intended to operate at a ground angle of 30 degrees. Control in the hover was by means of small tail fans above the T-tailplane for pitch and yaw, and by differential pitch on the outer propellers for roll.

Tethered trials with the VZ-5 (56-6940) began on November 18th, 1959,but no free flights were made.


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