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Fairchild Hiller FH-227

The original Fokker F-27 Friendship was built in Holland. Fairchild has built the F-27 under license from Fokker since 1958. The first F-27 models had a maximum gross weight of 40,500 pounds and seated 44 passengers. Power was supplied by twin 1,720 shp Dart turboprops. When Fairchild merged with Hiller Aircraft, the designation of the airplane was changed to FH-227 and the fuselage was stretched by six feet, giving increased cabin space for passengers and freight.

The stretched airliner will accommodate up to 52 passengers. In 1960, power was increased to 2,105 shp. The stretched version was fitted with 2,250 shp engines, and ultimately the FH-227 received a redesigned windshield, stronger landing gear, strengthened rear fuselage, heavier wing skin, propellers of increased diameter and a more powerful 2,300 shp Dart turboprop. Fairchild discontinued building the FH-227 under license from Fokker in 1975.

Engines; 2 x Rolls-Royce RDa-7 Dart Mk.532, 1655kW / 2,300 shp
Wingspan; 29.0 m / 95 ft 2 in
Length; 25.5 m / 83 ft 8 in
Height; 8.4 m / 27 ft 7 in
Wing area; 70.0 sq.m / 753.47 sq ft
Take-off weight; 20640 kg / 45504 lb
Empty weight; 12478 kg / 27509 lb
Fuel capacity: 1,364 lb
Max. Speed; 483 km/h / 300 mph
Top cruise: 270 mph
Stall speed: 87 mph
Initial climb rate: 1,560 fpm
Service ceiling: 28,000 ft
Takeoff run: 3,950 ft
Landing roll: 4,100 ft
Range w/max.fuel; 2500 km / 1553 miles
Range w/max.payload; 800 km / 497 miles
Seats: 44-52
Crew; 2-3

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