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Fairey Campania


The Fairey Campania two-seat seaplane got its name from the ex-Cunard ocean liner Campania which the Admiralty had converted into a seaplane carrier during the winter of 1914-15. Production aircraft, powered by a 186.3kW Sunbeam Maori II or 186.3-257kW Rolls-Royce Eagle engine, entered service in 1917 and eventually operated as armed-reconnaissance aircraft from the carriers Campania, Nairana and Pegasus and from coastal bases until the Armistice, thereafter also seeing action in Russia.

A total of about 60 Campanias were built from the contracts placed with Fairey (for 50 aircraft in two batches), Barclay Curie and Company (for 50) and Frederick Sage and Company/Sunbeam Motor Car Company (for 70).

Engine; 1 x Sunbeam "Maori II", 190kW
Max take-off weight; 2420 kg / 5335 lb
Empty weight; 1660 kg / 3660 lb
Wingspan; 18.8 m / 61 ft 8 in
Length; 13.1 m / 42 ft 12 in
Height; 4.6 m / 15 ft 1 in
Wing area; 58.3 sq.m / 627.54 sq ft
Max. speed; 137 km/h / 85 mph
Ceiling; 1520 m / 5000 ft
Range w/max.fuel; 450 km / 280 miles
Armament; 1 machine-guns, 2 x 30kg bombs
Crew; 2



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