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Fairey FD.1



The Fairey FD.1 was produced as a prototype for the investigation of the handling characteristics of a planned vertical take-off fighter (using an inclined ramp). For that reason had provision for four small rocket engines mounted round the efflux of the Derwent engine. These rocket engines were never fitted, and with its very small wing and high wing loading, the F.D.1 required a very long run to take-off.and first flew on 12 March 1951, but then adapted for research into the flying qualities of delta-winged aircraft. Powered with a 3600lb (1633-kg) thrust Derwent 8 turbojet. The type had poor handling qualities and was soon abandoned.


Engine: 3600lb (1633-kg) thrust Derwent 8 turbojet
Empty weight: 3084 kg / 6799 lb
Wingspan: 5.95 m / 19 ft 6 in
Length: 7.99 m / 26 ft 3 in
Max. speed: 1011 km/h / 628 mph



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