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Farner WF.12 Tourist




The W.F.12 two-seater trainer and touring aircraft is a high-wing monoplane with a fixed and faired undercarriage and a nose wheel landing gear. The cabin has side-by-side seating accommodation with dual controls.
In the prototype WF.12 built 1943, the Blackburn Cirrus-Minor 4-cylinder air-cooled in-line engine of 90 h.p. for take-off and of 82 h.p. cruising power at 2,300 r.p.m. is mounted in the fuselage aft of the cabin. The airscrew extension shaft comprises two parts linked together and connected with the airscrew shaft by means of universal joints; it runs over the top of the cabin and is supported forward in a structure projecting ahead of the top of the fuselage nose section. In this manner the airscrew axis lies in a plane with the wing and the view forward and downward is unimpaired.
Engine: Blackburn Cirrus-Minor, 90 hp
Span: 36.1 ft / 11.00 m 
Length: 24.4 ft
Height: 8.5 ft
Wing area: 172 sq.ft
Empty weight: 1,235 lb
Gross weight: 1,765 lb
Wing loading: 10.24 lb./sq.ft
Power loading: 19.6 lb/hp
Maximum speed: 109 mph
Landing speed (with flaps): 46.6 mph




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