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Farman HF.II




In 1909 Farman designed and built his own machine, which he entered at the great Rheims meet. On July 18, 1909, he flew for one hr. 23 mins, at Chalons, and on August 27 he made a 180-km flight in 3:04:56.4 at Rheims, official world record for distance and duration, winning first prize. On the twenty-eightth, he flew 10 km in 10:39 with two added passengers, the first time three were carried in airplane.

He next flew prominently at Blackpool meet, England, and won first duration and distance prize of $10,000, on October 20, 1909. On November 3 he flew 232 km in 4:17:53 at Mourmelon, another new world duration and distance record.



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