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Farman F.40 / F.41



The last important pusher type produced by Henry and Maurice Farman was the F.40 and F.41 reconnaissance bombers, produced by the brothers' new joint company at the end of 1915.

It derived from the F.30, the F.40 was a more refined aircraft, again with the gunner in the nose with a Hotchkiss or Lewis and the pilot seated behind. The usual engine was the 160-hp Renault V-8. The F.41 had a shorter span, less-powerful Renault engine and reduced performance. The F.40 and 41 were used in large numbers by the Aviation Militaire, equipping 47 escadrilles on the Western Front and in Macedonia. Even in 1916 they were no match for enemy scouts, and many were lost. By 1917, they were used mainly by night, and continued in use until the Bre.XIV became available in numbers late in that year.

A few F.40s (F.40P) were armed with Le Prieu rockets and used against balloons.

Engine: Renault, 130 hp
Span: 17.60 m (57 ft 10 in)
Length: 9.25 m (30 ft 4 in)
Gross weight: 1120 kg (2470 lb)
Maximum speed: 135 km/h (84 mph)
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