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Farman F.50


The F.50 bomber was a large tractor machine able to carry a significant load of heavier bombs. It was normally powered by two 250/265-hp Lorraine-Dietrich engines, and in appearance strongly resembled the enemy Gothas. The front gunner/ bomb-aimer was in the nose and the pilot just ahead of the wings; there was no rear cockpit for a gunner to provide defence astern. There were two twin-wheel landing gears, between which were racks for eight 75-kg (165-lb) bombs. Two escadrilles of the Aviation Militaire used this type, and two were supplied to the AEF. The F.50BN-2 operating as a night bomber in 1918. Several survived for some years with the French navy (as torpedo bombers), in Japan and as civil transports.

Span: 22.9 m (75 ft 1.5 in)
Length: 12.03 m (39 ft 5.75 in)
Gross weight: 3116 kg (6870 lb)
Maximum speed: 150 km/h (93 mph)
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