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Fauvel AV.10


In 1935 Fauvel flew the AV-10, a light two-seater touring craft with a Pobjoy engine. Concentrating his efforts on this machine, Fauvel improved its performance, and in 1937 the AV-10 took the world altitude record in its category, while becoming the first flying wing to receive a Certificate of Navigability.
The AV-10 was the first airplane-only design of Fauvel to be flown. Designed as a two-seater side-by-side and equipped with a Pobjoy engine of 75 Horsepower, it first flew in 1935. It was exhibited at the 25th Salon de L'Aéronautique at the Grand-Palais of Paris, on the 13th to the 29th of November, 1936, along with other light planes of the era : the Salmson Cricri, the Potez 60, the Leopoldoff Colibri and the Peyret Taupin. In 1937, the AV-10 set a new altitude record for it's category when it reached 5791 meters, and became the first government-certified flying wing. The AV-10 remained a unique prototype, allowing Charles Fauvel to expand his knowledge and expertise in designing flying wings. The AV-10 disappeared in 1940, when it was taken by German troops.
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