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Fauvel AV.50 / AV.61

The AV-61 "Lutin", also known as the AV-50, was a single-seater all-wood light aircraft of tailless configuration. Its wing section could be either the original Fauvel or a Wortmann FX 66-H 159 laminar airfoil. Predecessor of the AV-61 was the AV-60 "Leprechaun", which was built and flown in the USA. Suitable power plants included modified Volkswagen engines, developing 40 to 67 hp, and the 40 hp Rotax or Hirth two-stroke engines. A tandem wheel, tailwheel or tricycle landing gear could be fitted. One prototype was constructed in Australia, its wing section, originally intended to be thinner, retained the thickness of the Fauvel section. The construction principles were the same as the AV-60, excepted a few details. Some control components were identical to those of the AV-45 motorglider. No other AV-61 were completed.

Wing span: 7.5 m
Length (with VW engine): 4.1 m
Wing area: 10.6 sq.m
Airfoil: Fauvel or Wortmann
Aspect ratio: 5.2
Empty weight: 190 kg
Gross weight: 329 kg
Max. speed (tailwheel gear): 205 km/h
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