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Ron J. Feast Circle CW.4

An experimental circular plane designed and built by Ron J Feast of Sydney, Australia. The aircraft was evolved from a series of flying models made over a period of 3 1/2 years. After first building a full size "mock up", construction began in October, 1997 at Bankstown Airport. Australia hoop pine was used for the fuselage frame and plywood for the covering.
Each of the main front and rear wings were constructed in one length and they have curved box spars. All the wings are covered with Ceconite except for the leading edges of the main wings which are plywood covered.


The engine is ROTAX 912 UL 80 HP. The landing gear was strut type fitted to the wings and a steerable tail wheel.
Flight tests began at Camden Airport in August, 2000, and the first flight was in July, 2001.
The test pilot was Graham White. Flight tests continued until December, 2001 when it was decided in the interests of good lateral control at the very slow landing speeds of this aircraft to make a number of design changes.
The rear main wing was moved forward to obtain a more compact external shape. Shortened side wings were built. Both main wings were cut at the centre and joined inside the fuselage to obtain a 5° dihedral. A tricycle undercarriage was built consisting of hardened aluminium leaf springs, coil expansion springs and cables. The nose wheel has a castoring action. Ailerons and elevators have streamlined leading edges and increased area.
It was completed in November, 2004.  First taxi tests in February, 2005.

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