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Fiat RS.14 / AS.14

On receiving a joint requirement from the air force and the navy, CMASA, a FIAT subsidiary, developed the RS.14 a floatplane for maritime reconnaissance. 152 examples were produced (including the prototypes), and were used with great success. The aircraft could also be converted for attack missions by fitting a canoe-shaped belly pod able to carry to 400 kg of bombs.



In the summer of 1943 a land-based version with retractable landing gear and 6 12,7 mm machine-guns and a 37 mm cannon was produced and designated A.S. 14.



Fiat R.S. 14
Engines: 2 Fiat A.74 RC.38, 649 kW(882 hp)
Empty weight: 5470 kg
Takeoff weight: 8470 kg
Wingspan: 19,54 m
Lenght: 14,10 m
Height: 5,63 m
Wing Area: 50,00 square metres
Max speed: 390 km/h
Ceiling: 6300 m
Range: 2500 km
Climb to 5000 m: 15 minutes
Armament: 1x12,7 mm machine-gun in the dorsal turret; one 7,7 machine-gun on each side; 400kg of bombs in a ventral canoe-shaped pod .
Crew: 5
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