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Fiat G.59

From the wartime G.55 fighter the Fiat company developed the postwar G.55A single-seat fighter/trainer and G.55B dual trainer, both with 1310-hp Fiat RA.1050 (licence-built Daimler-Benz 605) engine. Among the customers were Argentina, Egypt and Syria. In 1948 the engine was switched to the Rolls-Royce Merlin T.24 or Mk 500, rated at 1630 hp, the former being fitted to the G.59-1 and -2 and the Mk 500 the -3 and -4. The -4 had a lower rear fuselage to match a blister hood. In each case the suffix A denoted a single-seater and B a dual two--seat version. Single-seat versions could have two 20-mm (0.79-in) Hispano cannon and camera gun, and racks for two 100-kg (220-1b) bombs. Production G.59s were delivered to Italy and Syria. A proposed family of true fighter derivatives with 2000-hp Packard V-1650-11 (Merlin) engines was not proceeded with.

Span: 11.85m (38ft 10.5in).
Length: 9.49m (31ft 11 in).
Gross weight: 3388 kg (7470 lb)
Maximum speed: 600 kph (373 mph)
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