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Fisher Monoplane

Percy Fisher began the design of his aircraft in June 1911, and the machine was finally fin-ished in November 1912. On Christmas day 1912, Fisher attempted his first flight at Pi-geon Bush in the Wairarapa. It was a short hop into the air, followed by a heavy crash. While the engine was powerful enough to lift the aircraft into the air, the basic con-figuration presented some severe control problems. On 28 April 1913 with Reginald White at the controls, the Fisher monoplane made its first successful short flights at Pigeon Bush. After the Gladstone flights in June 1913, several different pilots occasionally flew the aircraft, before it was retired in early 1916. The only remains of the aircraft in 2003 were the two cylinders at Southward’s Museum. Percy Fisher went on to have a very successful engineering business in Wellington, New Zealand. He died in 1941.
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