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Fleet Aircraft Inc
Reuben H.Fleet launched in 1923 in Buffalo, N.Y. the Consolidated Aircraft Co. Consolidated built flying boats for the U.S. Navy. The creation of the civil Model 14 "Husky"trainer led to the creation of the Fleet Aircraft Division in 1929.
Originally created as a means for Consolidated to enter the civil market, the company abandoned this ambition shortly before the completion of the first prototype. The manufacturing rights were purchased by the designer and Consolidated company president Reuben Fleet to put into production under his new enterprise, Fleet Aircraft. It was an immediate success, and in the first year of production alone, over 300 machines were sold. Consolidated quickly responded by buying Fleet Aircraft and retaining it as a subsidiary while opening a second production line at Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada.
Fleet produced the Fleet Model 2 with Kinner engine, and built a military two-seat primary trainer for the U.S. Army Air Service. Designated PT-6, it was an improved version of the PT series initiated by Consolidated Aircraft Corporation.
Manufacturing rights of the Fleet trainers were sold in 1939 to Brewster Aeronautical Corp.

Fleet Model 80 Canuck two-seat light-plane also built in quantity 1946- 1947, after which aircraft production ceased. In 1952 Fleet acquired type certificate for Super-V twin-engined Beech Bonanza conversion from Bay Aviation Services Co, Oakland, California.

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