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Flug Werk GmbH

2003: Based in  Ascoli Piceno, Italy.
Jerry Yagen’s Flug Werk.
2010: FLUG WERK GmbH, Kothingried 4, 85408 Gammelsdorf, Germany.
In addition flight work was recognized for two years as subcontracting firm for the EADS and different components for the ME 262 reproduction of the Messerschmittstiftung manufacture. Among them is also new, “fin adjustment equipment specified in the RLM jargon “(= horizontal stabilizer trim). It is a quite complex construction unit, on which the working reliability of the entire aircraft hangs. A homogenous retrofit of the others “Swallows “of the American 262-Herstellers is available.
Flug Werk founder Claus Coiling says that the demand for the new-build FW 190s means that the original planned production of 12 airframes has been increased to 20 examples. After production of FW 190 parts has finished, the company will proceed with the manufacture of a North American P-51 Mustang Iookalike" airframe kit called the AP-51 Palomino.
2010: The workshop of Achim and Elmar Meiser at Bremgarten airfield, Germany, Flug Werke.
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