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Flug Werk AP-51 Palomino
The AP-51 Palomino structural kit from FlugWerk, named “Palomino” in order to document it’s closeness to the P-51 Mustang, yet make it clearly discernable from the real P-51’s, so the new components do not end up on type certified Mustangs. This is a requirement by the FAA.
All of the AP-51 assemblies are manufactured from western materials, such as SAE 2024 and/or SAE 7075 aluminum alloys and SAE 4130 steel alloy, where called for, in high strength applications. The structures are built, following the standards of the original NAA manufacturing drawings and standards. Utilizing CNC-machinery FlugWerk manufacture all brackets, hinges for the tail-gear, all flying surfaces and the landing gear trunnion boxes: All of these new components are better in quality and strength than their sand-casted predecessors from wartime. The trunnion boxes are made using a 5-axis CNC mill.
The AP-51 wing profile demands absolute true coordinates, and the jigs which are utilized during the assembly processes are built following today’s aerospace industry standard. Each individual jig employs fold-down templates to assure correct profile conforming surfaces to the smallest fraction of an inch while the entire assembly is under construction. Before the jigs are used for any assembly wrok they are heat treated for the purpose of relieving any stresses that have built up during their welding assembly. The entire jigs are therefore put in a furnace for a given time. After heat-treating the jig’s structures, all critical surfaces are milled to their final dimensions and by that gain the purpose as measuring zero-coordinates. Even the assembly work is done in a climate-controlled environment.
The stamped and trued ribs are subject to corrosion proofing, employing the “Alodyne” process, followed by primer coating with two part Epoxy paint prior to assembly.
The final result is an airframe that is similar and in some regards better to the original structures.

The AP-51 Palomino airframe kit includes:
- Engine mount, with smile but w/o lord mounts
- Center fuselage with dog-house, inlet- outlet duct, windshield assembly and firewall with stamped, dished insert. P-51 D style.
- Aft fuselage
- Vertical stabilizer, with ventral fairing
- Rudder ( for fabric covering ) with trim tab and balance weight
- Horizontal stabilizer ( standard incidence is set for P-51 D )
- Elevators ( for fabric covering ) with trim tab and balance weight, or
- Elevators ( metal skinned ) with trim tab and balance weight
- Wing, with left and right tip-extensions, body fairings, clamshell- and spade doors
- Ailerons, left and right
- Flaps, left and right
All structures are built using brand new ALCOA/USA supplied aluminum extrusions and AN/MS hardware, also imported from the US.
The 2010 price for the airframe kit in US $: 475.000 ex works” Gammelsdorf/Germany.
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