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FMA I.A.20 El Boyero
Petrolini El Boyero




The two-seat El Boyero was designed by the Fabrica Militar de Aviones in 1939 and the first of two prototypes were flown on 2 November 1940.
The FMA’s preoccupation with the manufacture of military aircraft necessitated the transfer of production to SA Sfreddo y Paolini. However, the inability of the company to acquire the necessary materials resulted in production of El Boyero being shelved until 1949 when manufacture was undertaken by Petrolini Hermanos on behalf of the Direccion General de Aeronautica Civil, 130 being produced of which a number were deliverd to the Air Force and Army for liaison and AOP tasks.



Whereas the prototypes were powered by the 50 hp Continental A-50 engine, the production model had 65 hp Continental A-65-8 engines.
The FMA.20-B has a 75 hp Continental A-75.
Petrolini took over production of the El Boyero two-seat light monoplane from the Instituto Aerotecnico in late 1940s, and built 160 to government contracts for flying clubs and schools.



Engine; 1 x 65hp Continental A-65-8
Wingspan; 11.50 m / 38 ft 9 in
Length; 7.10 m / 23 ft 4 in
Height; 1.80 m / 6 ft 11 in
Wing area; 17.70 sq.m / 190.52 sq ft
Max take-off weight; 500 kg / 1102 lb
Empty weight; 225 kg / 496 lb
Max. speed; 160 km/h / 99 mph
Cruise speed; 145 km/h / 90 mph
Ceiling; 4000 m / 13100 ft
Range; 650 km / 404 miles
Crew; 2






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