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Focke-Wulf Fw-58 Weihe


The Weihe was first flown in prototype form in 1935 as an advanced training, light 6 passenger transport and communications aircraft for the Luftwaffe, powered by two 179kW Argus As.10G engines. The main undercarriage retactable, and tail wheel fixed.




Before the outbreak of World War II Deutsche Luft-Hansa received eight as six-passenger commercial transports. Armament in the military training version comprised a gunner's turret in the nose (which could be replaced by a metal cone for blind-flying instruction) and an aft gun position. The turret had space for an instructor and pupil for machine-gun and bomb-aiming training. Two seats side-by-side were provided in the cockpit for flying training, while a bomb trap with sights in a further compartment was provided for bombing instruction.




Fifteen were licence built by Brazil’s Oficinas Gerais da Aviation Naval during 1939-40. These were based on the Fw 58B-2 which was used as a gunnery trainer by the Luftwaffe.

Total production: 1350

Engines: 2 x Argus Ace 10c, 240 hp
Props: two-blade metal fixed pitch
Wingspan: 21,00 m
Length: 14,00 m
Height: 3,90 m
1 prototype

Armament: 1 MT MG 15 7,92 mm, 1 MT MG 15, 7,92 m
1 prototype.

Armament: 1 MT MG 15 7,92mm
1 prototype

Fw 58B-1
Engines: 2 x Argus Aces 10c, 240 hp
Props: two-blade wood variable pitch
Wingspan: 21,00 m
Length: 14,00 m
Height: 3,90 m
Wingarea: 47,00 sq.m
Empty weight: 2400 kg
MTOW: 3600 kg
Wing loading: 76,595 kg/sq.m
Power loading: 7,5 kg/hp
Vmax: 270 kph
Vcruise: 240 kph
Ceiling: 5600 m
Range: 800 km
Armament: 2 x MT MG 15, 7,92 mm

Fw 58B-2

Fw 58C
Engines: Argus Ace 10c or Hirth HM 508D, 260 hp

Fw 58W
Undercarriage: two catamaran floats


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