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Fokker Spin (Spider)


The first aircraft built by Anthony Fokker, the Spin of 1910. Anthony Fokker decided to build his own aeroplane. A fellow-pupil from the school at Zahlbach, the 50-year-old Lieutenant von Daum, became his partner, donating the cash for the engine, and Fokker contributed his knowledge, his labour and 1500 Marks. The machine, named the 'Spin' (Spider), was constructed in an empty Zeppelin shed at Baden-Baden. By the end of 1910 it had been completed, and Fokker was able to make the first hops in it. To start with, the 'Spin' had no rudder, but this did not matter to Fokker, who went almost out of his mind with joy.

At Christmas 1910 he went home, only to be greeted with the sad tidings that von Daum had tried to fly the 'Spin' in Fokker's absence and smashed into the only tree on the airfield during take-off.

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