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Fokker F.V



The Fokker F.V was designed to meet the demand for increased capacity. The F.III was increasingly unable to cope with growing air traffic, and the F.IV was too large. The F.V accommodated eight passengers and two pilots. More attention was paid to passenger comfort, and a separate space was provided for luggage. Another great improvement was the provision of a toilet. The aircraft could be used as a monoplane or as a biplane; as a monoplane the F.V, with an all-up weight of 2.655 kg, could reach a speed of 192 kph, while as a biplane the speed was 180 kph with a total weight of 3,134 kg. The prototype was tested by the German-Russian Aviation Company, Deruluft, but was not satisfactory, and spent its life in the service of a small Austrian company.




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