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Fokker F.XII


In 1933 Fokker produced the F.XII, an airliner with three 420hp Wasp engines and accommodation for 16 passengers.

The prototype made its maiden flight at the beginning of 1930 and entered service on the KLM route to Batavia in March 1931. Ten more were built by Fokker, all for operation by KLM and its Far Eastern subsidiary KNILM, except for the final machine which was sold to Sweden and operated by AB Aerotransport as the Varmland.
The Dutch-operated F.XIIs maintained the routes to the Far East for two years, and were then switched to the European services connecting Amsterdam with London, Paris, Berlin and other principal cities. On the European runs the F.XIIs carried a crew of two and 16 passengers, but on the Far East route only four passengers were carried in a fair degree of comfort on fully reclining seats.

The Danish Orlogsvaerftet built two F.XIIs under licence for the national airline DDL to operate on the Copenhagen-Berlin route. The second, delivered in May 1935, was designated F.XIIM and had some aerodynamic refinements resulting in improved performance.

Six Dutch F.XIIs were later sold to British operators, and in turn four of the British machines were re-sold to the Spanish government, which had already bought the last KLM-operated aircraft. All were flown in the Spanish Civil War and were lost during the course of the conflict.

Last survivors were the Swedish aircraft and the Danish F.XIIM, the first scrapped in 1946 and the second a year later.

Engines: 3 x Pratt & Whitney Wasp C radial, 317kW
Max take-off weight: 7250 kg / 15984 lb
Empty weight: 4350 kg / 9590 lb
Wingspan: 23.02 m / 75 ft 6 in
Length: 17.80 m / 58 ft 5 in
Height: 4.72 m / 15 ft 6 in
Wing area: 83.00 sq.m / 893.40 sq ft
Max. speed: 230 km/h / 143 mph
Cruise speed: 205 km/h / 127 mph
Ceiling: 3400 m / 11150 ft
Range: 1300 km / 808 miles
Passengers: 16


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