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Fokker T.V


No T.V prototype was built, the first to fly on 16 October 1937 being one of a batch of 16 ordered for the Netherlands air force earlier that year. The aircraft went into service in 1938, with the only Dutch bomber squadron. The type was reasonably well protected by machine-guns and its bombload was carried internally.

All 16 aircraft had been delivered before the outbreak of hostilities, but on the day of the German invasion only nine were serviceable. They destroyed almost 30 German aircraft on the ground at Waal-haven airfield and make heavy attacks on the bridges over the Maas before being destroyed (two were shot down by Dutch gunners), and only one T.V survived at the time of the Dutch surrender.

Fokker T.5

Engines: 2 x Bristol Pegasus XXVI, 690kW
Take-off weight: 7235 kg / 15951 lb
Empty weight: 4640 kg / 10230 lb
Wingspan: 21.0 m / 68 ft 11 in
Length: 16.0 m / 52 ft 6 in
Height: 5.0 m / 16 ft 5 in
Wing area: 66.2 sq.m / 712.57 sq ft
Max. speed: 415 km/h / 258 mph
Cruise speed: 320 km/h / 199 mph
Ceiling: 7700 m / 25250 ft
Range: 1630 km / 1013 miles
Armament: 6 x 7.9mm machine-guns, 1000kg of bombs
Crew: 5




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