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Fokker F.25 Promotor



The F.25 Promotor business aircraft, of which 100 were ordered by Frits Diepen on May 16th 1946 for his air-taxi company and sales purposes. The F.25 was exhibited at the first post-war Paris Air Show in November 1946 and, after modification to improve its performance, made a demonstration tour of Europe. The press praised the aircraft, but the sales were disappointing. The F.25 received its Certificate of Airworthiness in 1947, but only 21 were built, and not all of these flew.

This four-seat business aircraft was designed to the order of Diepen, who acquired the worldwide selling rights.

On October 20th, the prototype F.25 Promotor made its maiden flight.


Six where sold to a Spanish air-taxi firm. Due to never quite totally solved vibration problems with the lengthened propshaft, they achieved limited success and were soon taking out of service.

The production version had elongated tailplanes and a higher air intake.


Although 20 F.25 aircraft were constructed, sales were disappointing as it could not compete in cost with thousands of surplus aircraft on the market following the war.


Engine: Lycoming O-435 190 hp
Wingspan 12.00 m
Length 8.50 m
Max. speed 227 km/h
Max take off weight 1.425 kg



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