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Fokker Aircraft Corporation of America F.XXXII / YC-20



The 32-seat F-32 was a Fokker Aircraft built in the US in 1934. No F-32's ever landed in The Netherlands. It was a 4 engined aircraft, the engines mounted in tandem under the wing, 2 pusher engines and 2 tractor. Its four 525 h.p. Wasp engines were later replaced by 575 h.p. Hornets.

The F.XXXII was designed for Universal Air Lines, which had ordered five, but after an accident with the prototype, they cancelled their order.

The sleeping cabin of the largest Fokker craft ever built; the F.XXXII. As a night-liner it could accommodate 16 passengers, but in normal configuration it seated 32. Hence the designation F.XXXII.


Five where built for Western Air Express where they flew for several years and the Army Airforce tested a cargo variant called YC 20. No orders where placed however. Fokker himself used a F-32 in the US as private aircraft.
Ten were built in total.

Engines: 4 Pratt & Whitney Hornet aircooled 9 cilinder engines/ 4 Pratt & whitney Wasp engines
Wingspan: 30.18 m
Length: 21.28 m
Height: 5.03 m
weight: 10.985 kg
Cruisespeed: 198 kph
Max speed: 250 kph
Ceiling: 4115 m
range 1191 km
Crew: 2/3
Passengers: 32


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