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Fokker Aircraft Corporation of America F.XIV / C-14 / C-15



The Fokker F.XIV of 1929 was built at the New Jersey factory as a seven/nine-passenger transport. Fuselage and wings were of normal Fokker design, although the upper fuselage decking was of corrugated duralumin. The major differences between this and other Fokker transports was that it had a parasol-type wing carried on struts above the fuselage, and a pilot's open cockpit behind the passenger cabin and beneath a cut-out in the wing trailing edge.


The F.XIVA was a modified version with closed cockpit in front of the wing.

The C-14 version was a US Army freighter aircraft.

Engines: 1 x Wright R-1750-3 radial piston engine, 391kW
Max take-off weight: 3266 kg / 7200 lb
Empty weight: 1971 kg / 4345 lb
Wingspan: 18.11 m / 59 ft 5 in
Length: 13.18 m / 43 ft 3 in
Height: 3.76 m / 12 ft 4 in
Wing area: 51.19 sq.m / 551.00 sq ft
Cruise speed: 187 km/h / 116 mph
Ceiling: 4420 m / 14500 ft
Range: 1110 km / 690 miles
Passengers: 9


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