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Friedrichschafen G.II



The prototype G.I was developed into the more powerful (149kW Benz Bz.IV) G.II in 1916.

With slightly shorter wings and a single fin/rudder tail unit, power came from twin 200-hp Benz Bz IV engines mounted between the wings and driving pusher propellers. Successfully passing its official trials, the G.II went into limited production.


Its offensive load of just 450kg and range were not adequate for major attacks on British and other strategic targets.

Span: 20.3 m (66 ft 7.25 in).
Length: 11.05 m (36 ft 3 in).
Endurance: 5 hrs.
Engines: 2 x 200-hp Benz Bz IV.  
Armament: Bombload up to 1496 kg (3300 lb); 1 Parabellum machine-gun in nose; 1 Parabellum machine-gun in rear.


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