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Fuji Jukogyo Kabushaikikaisha

Successor to Nakajima Aircraft Company, established 15 July 1953 with factory at Utsunomiya City. Built Cessna L-19E Bird Dog observation aircraft under license. Concluded agreement with Beech in November 1953 to manufacture Beech B45 Mentor trainers; total of 124 built, deliveries commencing August 1954. From Mentor Fuji developed LM-1 Nikko four-seat liaison aircraft, first flown June 1955. Similar two-seat KM-2 developed. KM-2B with widened fuselage and tandem seating for two selected as JASDF primary trainer in August 1975. Fuji assembled or built more than 120 Bell 204B/B2 helicopters from 1962.


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Fuji T-1 two-seat jet trainer was first postwar Japanese jet aircraft. Forty T-1 As built with Bristol Orpheus engines, and 20 T-1 Bs with Japanese engines. FA-200 Aero Subaru four-seat light aircraft first flown August 31,1965 (nearly 300 built). Work on FA-300 twin-engined light transport began 1971, continued as joint venture with Rockwell International, U.S.A., following agreement signed June 28,1974, as Rockwell Commander 700; prototype first flown in Japan on November 13,1974 and 30 delivered before cooperation ended in 1980 (also development of the higher-powered FA-300/Commander 710 then ended). Current programs include production of the T-5 primary/basic trainer for the JMSDF (as turboprop development of the KM-2, with KM-2Kai prototype flying in April 1988) AH-1S attack helicopter, 205B/UH-1J general purpose helicopters (205Bs from 1995, military UH-Us from 1993), participation in the Mitsubishi F-2 program, subcontract work on the Mitsubishi F-15J and Kawasaki P-3C and T-4, manufacture of assemblies for a range of Boeing airliners, production of UAVs, and participation in space programs.

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