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Fuji FA-200 Aero Subaru



Fuji Heavy Industries builds a two-seat aerobatic light trainer, the FA-200 Aero Subaru, of which over 250 have been sold in Japan and in Europe. Expensive to produce because of its heavy reliance on handwork and imported hardware, and rather homely in appearance, the Fuji has not been as great a success, but it has not been a failure.


The FA-200-160 is a basic version with a Lycoming O-320-D2A engine and certified as a two-seater (aerobatic category) and three-seater (utility) or four-seater.
The FA-200-180 was a developed version certificated as a two-seater (aerobatic category) and four-seater (utility and normal categories).
The FA-203S was an experimental STOL verion with leading-edge slats and full-span trailing-edge flaperons. Only one was built.
Engine: Lycoming IO-380-B1B, 180 hp
Wingspan: 30 ft 11 in / 9.42 m
Length: 26 ft 2.25 in / 7.98 m
Empty weight: 1433 lb / 650 kg
MTOW NormCat, 4 seat: 2535 lb / 1150 kg
Max cruise 75% 5000 ft/1535m: 110 kt / 127 mph / 204 kph
ROC SL: 760 fpm / 232 m/min
Service ceiling: 13,700 ft / 4175 m
Range max fuel: 534 nm / 615 mi / 970 km
Seats: 4
Baggage capacity: 44 lb / 25 kg (shelf), 176 lb / 80 kg (compartment)
Cabin length: 5 ft 8.5 in / 1.74 m
Cabin width: 3 ft 4.5 in / 1.03 m




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