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Aerotecnica Sa

Marquis del Merito, a Spanish industrialist, established Aerotecnica SA as an aerial photography and crop spraying business based at Cuatro Vientos near Madrid.
Aerotechnica sa began to develop and build helicopters of French (Jean Cantinieau) design, and also was licensed for Matra-Cantinieau production. Two prototypes of AC-12 built in Madrid by mid-1950s (first one flown July 1956) and a few delivered to Spanish Air Force. Type was unorthodox in layout and featured transmission and reduction gear on automobile principles. AC-14 development flew July 1957, but Aerotecnica organization dissolved in 1962.

Aerotecnica also started construction of a prototype of the much larger AC.21 which was a 12/14 passenger machine with twin Turbomeca Turmo III turbines and a massive ducted-air tailboom. A turbine version of the AC.12 was planned and they also started working on the AC.15 development of the AC.14 with a 260hp Lycoming O-435-V engine. In 1962 the Spanish Government withdrew further financial support and Aerotecnica went into liquidation.

Following the collapse of Aerotecnica, Jean Cantinieau returned to France where he joined Matra.

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