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Government Aircraft Factories / GAF
Department of Aircraft Production / DAP

Aircraft production at Australian Government-owned factories began during Second World War with Bristol Beauforts and Beaufighters, and later included Lancasters and Lincolns (see Department of Aircraft production). Designed and produced Jindivik target aircraft, flown in 1952, after a piloted version, Pika, had flown in 1950. Built Mirage fighters and trainers for the RAAF in 1960s-1970s. Produced Nomad twin-engine STOL transport, first flown in July 1971.

Aerospace Technologies of Australia Pty Ltd  (ASTA) was founded 1987 to replace former Government Aircraft Factories (GAF) and Aircraft Technologies of Australia. Undertook aircraft maintenance, repair, and modification, including Airbus and Boeing airliners. Sold 1994 as part of Government privatization program, with Rockwell Australia Ltd. buying Commonwealth's shareholding of ASTA Components, Defence and Engineering divisions; currently ASTA Components division of Boeing Australia Ltd. with new programs including work on an AEW&C aircraft under Project WedgetaiI.

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