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Aero Vodochody L-39 Albatros



 The Albatros, first flown on November 4, 1968, is the L-29's successor as the standard trainer of all Warsaw Pact countries except Poland, and was in production in a light attack version, mainly for export. Designed three years after the L-29, the L-39 went through a series of prototype and development models before seeing production begin in 1972. The L-39 was designed with simplified and a more modular approach to engineering allowing the L-39 to be produced more efficiently and quicker than the L-28. The base powerplant allowed for a thrust upgrade when compared to the L-29 and avionics coupled with reinforced subsystems put the L-39 ahead.

A tandem-seater, with the instructor in the raised rear ejection seat, it is powered by the 1720-kg (3792 -lb) thrust Walter Titan, the Czech-built Ivchenko Al-25TL turbofan also used in the Yak-40 STOL trijet. The name Albatros is used only for L-39 aircraft in service with the Czech air force, to which deliveries began in April 1974.

The basic aircraft is equipped with a cam-era gun and electrically controlled gunsight, but has no internal gun. Gun pods, bombs, rockets and missiles can be carried on two or four wing pylons along with a centerline-mounted 23mm GSh-23L twin-barrel cannon for close quarters work.

With production of 2,600 by 1990 it proved to be a very successful aircraft, with more than 2,900 built by 2005 with about 300 in civilian ownership around the world.

The aircraft is fully aerobatic stressed for +8G and -4G and can climb at the rate of about 3500 feet per minute.

Export numbers for the L-39 Albatross were roughly the same as the L-29. Thailand went on to purchase an export model designated with L-39 ZA/ART that featured Israeli-produced Elbit avionics. The most numerous in terms of production was the L-39 "C" model, which helped drive total production total past 3,000.




Earlier variants of the aircraft are the L.39ZO weapons trainer, the L.39ZA ground attack and reconnaissance aircraft, which has an under-fuselage gun pod and four wing hardpoints, and the L.39V target tug.

The L.39MS version of the Alba-tros was rolled out in mid-1986, but later designated the L-59.






Aero L 39 Albatros
Engine: Ivtshenko AI 25 TL turbofan, 3,792 lb / 16873 N
Wingspan: 31.037 ft / 9.46 m         
Length: 40.42 ft / 12.32 m
Height: 15.486 ft 4.72 m             
Wing area: 202.363 sqft / 18.8 sqm
Aspect ratio: 4.4                 
Area of elevons: 18.299 sqft / 1.7 sqm
Area of flaps: 28.848 sqft / 2.68 sq.m        
Empty weight: 7,340 lb
MTOW: 11,618 lb            
Max. speed: 405 kts / 750 km/h
Landing speed: 92 kts / 170 km/h            
TO distance: 1476 ft / 450 m
Landing dist: 2034 ft / 620 m            
Initial climb rate:     4330.71 ft/min / 22.00 m/s
Service ceiling: 37730 ft / 11500 m        
Wing load: 49.41 lb/sq.ft / 241.00 kg/sq.m
Range: 589 nm / 1090 km        
Crew: 2
Armament: 1100kg ext. 4 pods., 23mm MK

Engine: 1 x Walter Titan, 1720-kg / 3792 -lb thrust.
Span: 9.4 m / 31 ft 0.5 in         
Length: 12.25 m / 40 ft 5 in
Gross weight: 4535 kg / 9998 lb         
Max speed: 750 km/h / 466 mph

Engine: 3,800 lbs thrust turbofan.
Max wt: 4500 kg.
Speed: M 0.8 / 500mph / 600kph / 490 KIAS
Ceiling: 36,000 ft.
G-Limits: +8 / -4
Payload: 550 lb per pylon (2)
Endurance: 1.5+


Engine: 1 x Ivchenko AI-25TL, 16.9 kN.     
Span: 9.5 m.
Length: 12.1 m.                 
Wing area: 18.8 sq.m
Empty wt: 3650 kg.             
MTOW: 5600 kg.
Warload: 1100 kg.             
Max speed: 755 kph.
Initial ROC: 1260 m / min.             
Ceiling: 11,000 m.
T/O run: 480 m.                 
Ldg run: 600 m.
Fuel internal: 1255 lt.                 
Range: 1750 km.
Combat radius: 600 km.                 
Armament: 1 x 23 mm.
Hardpoints: 4


Aero L-39 ZA Albatros (Albatross)
Engine: 1 x Ivchenko AI-25TL turbofan engine generating 3,792lbs of thrust.
Empty Weight: 7,341lbs (3,330kg)
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 11,618lbs (5,270kg)
Length: 40.42ft (12.32m)
Width: 31.04ft (9.46m)
Height: 15.49ft (4.72m)
Maximum Speed: 391mph (630kmh; 340kts)
Maximum Range: 1,087miles (1,750km)
Rate-of-Climb: 4,921ft/min (1,500m/min)
Service Ceiling: 29,528ft (9,000m)
Armament: Up to 1,102lbs of munitions
Accommodation: 2
Hardpoints: 4 (in armed variant)


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