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Airbus A340


Launched simultaneously in June 1987 with the A330, the A340-300 first flew on 25 October 1991 and the type entered service with both Lufthansa and Groupe Air France in March 1993 accommodating 250-440 passengers.

Sharing near identical systems, airframe, cockpit and wings with the A330, the twin-en-gine A330-300 is the same length as the A340-300.

The four-engined A340-300 is the stand-ard fuselage long-range aircraft (seating 295 with a range of 6,750 nm), while the A340-200, which first flew on 1 April 1992, is 4.27 m shorter (260 seats) and is an ultra-long-range version (7,550 nm).

Airbus’s ultra-long-range A340-500 has been granted type certification by the European Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA). The aircraft, which has a shorter fuselage and a longer range than the A340-600, first flew on 11 February 2002 and since then the two test aircraft have accumulated some 400 flight hours in more than 150 flights during the certification campaign. The -500 is capable of flights ranging over 8,650 nm and both the -500 and -600 versions of the A340 are powered by Roll-Royce’s Trent 500 engines. The first aircraft was scheduled for delivery to Air Canada in early 2003. The A340-600 is a long range, high capacity model, first flown on 23 April 2001. The -600 utilises LCD displays and taxi cameras.





Engines: 4 x GE/SNECMA CFM56, 32,200 lb thrust
Length: 195 ft
Wingspan: 198 ft
MTOW: 566,590 lb
Max Ldg wt: 399,00 lb
Payload: 95,000 lb
Full load range: 7350nm

Engines: 4 x CFM56-5C2F

Engines: 4 x CFM-56-5-C4, 34,000 lb thrust
Max ramp wt: 275.5 tonnes
MTOW: 275 tonnes
Vmq: 350 kt / M 0.86

4 x CFM International CFM56-5C2 turbofan, 31,200lbs thrust
4 x CFM-5C3 turbofan, 32,500lbs thrust
4 x CFM56-5C4 turbofan, 34,000lbs thrust
Length: 208.83ft (63.65m)
Width: 197.83ft (60.30m)
Height: 54.92ft (16.74m)
Maximum Speed: 569mph (915kmh; 494kts)
Maximum Range: 13,307miles (21,416km)
Service Ceiling: 40,994ft (12,495m)
Accommodation: 6 + 295
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 573,202lbs (260,000kg)

Engines: 4 x Rolls-Royce Trent 500

Engines: 4 x Rolls-Royce Trent 500
Length: 247 ft
Range: 7500 km

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