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Aircraft Disposal Co ADC Nimbus Martynside


In 1926, John Kenworthy developed a single-seat fighter based on the F.4 Buzzard but utilising a 330 hp A.D.C. Nimbus six-in-line water-cooled engine. Referred to as the “Nimbus-Martinsyde”, with an essentially similar airframe to the Buzzard, it featured modified vertical tail surfaces with a horn-balanced rudder and revised aft upper fuselage decking. Its intended armament was two synchronised 0303-in (7,7-mm) Vickers machine guns, but these were never installed.


Two prototypes were built and flown, both participating in the King’s Cup Air Race on 9-10 July 1926, and in 1927, the first prototype was modified with faired undercarriage legs and cylinder head fairings. No orders were placed for the Nimbus-powered aircraft and both prototypes were scrapped.




Engine; ADC Nimbus, 330hp
Span, 32 ft 9 in (9,98 m)
Length, 26 ft 10 in (8,18 m)
Height, 9 ft 6 in (2,89 m)
Wing area, 320 sq ft (29,73 sq.m)
Empty wt; 2014lbs, 914kg
Loaded wt; 2665lb, 1209kg
Max speed sea level, 150mph, 241 kph at sea level
Climb to; 10,000ft: 7min 30sec
Climb to 15,000ft: 14min
Climb to 20,000ft: 25min
Service ceiling; 23,500ft
Endurance: 2.5hrs


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