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Aircraft Manufacturing Co Texas Bullet


In 1950, Aircraft Manufacturing Co. acquired the rights to produce a refined four-seat version of the Johnson Rocket, which it called the Texas Bullet.


The original Rocket was powered by a 185-hp four cylinder Lycoming engine; the Texas Bullet changed over to a Continental of the same rating. Also, the fabric covering of the Rocket was traded for an all-metal, flush-riveted skin, and a redesigned tail was added. The Bullet sported a top speed of 210 mph, a cruise speed of 183 mph, and a climb rate of 900 fpm.

Overall, the new refinements added only 100 pounds to the empty weight, and 50 pounds were added to the fully loaded weight. Exhaust gasses from the engine of the Rocket and Bullet were led into a unique “jet assist” cylinder below the fuselage. It was claimed that the device converted engine exhaust into useful thrust at speeds faster than 40 mph. Also, both aircraft made use of a Hartzell hydro-selective two-blade variable-pitch propeller.

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