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Aircraft Manufacturing Depot
Indian Air Force, Aircraft Manufacturing Depot Kanpur
In 1960, when the Avro 748 was chosen to replace Indian Air Force Dakotas, it was intended to assemble the first aircraft from major components supplied by A.V.Roe. After a time, the decision was taken to do far more of the work in India. Four empty hangars at Kanpur Air Force Base became the Aircraft Manufacturing Depot. The first set of jigs was ready by mid-1960 and the first Indian 748 (delivered unassembled from England) flew on November 1, 1961, just 18 months after the first rivet was inserted. Full production, on the scale necessary to re-equip IAF transport squadrons, and probably Indian Airlines Corporation, was unlikely to be achieved until 1964.
Production of type continued, in addition to other work, including sailplanes.
Meanwhile, personnel of Headquarters, Maintenance Command at Kanpur were developing a four-seat general-purpose light aircraft in 1961, designed by their A-O-C, Air Vice-Marshal Harjinder Singh. The prototype, built in 132 days and known as the Kanpur I, is a fabric-covered all-metal aircraft of conventional high-wing monoplane configuration and powered by a 190 h.p Lycoming engine.It was followed by the more powerful Kanpur-II.
In June 1964 the Depot was incorporated in Aeronautics (India) Ltd. and later became Kanpur Division of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.
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