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Leland Snow moved to Wichita Falls, Texas, and started design work on a new cropduster, derived from the S2B he had designed and built in the fifties. In 1972 he obtained a small business loan, rented a building back in Olney and started to build jigs and tooling for what was to become the Air Tractor AT-300 - a conventional layout crop-duster powered by a Pratt and Whitney R-985-AN1 of 450hp. A 320 US gallon hopper was installed in a fuselage made of tube construction and included a sealed enclosed cockpit. The aircraft had a conventional tail but with fabric covered control surfaces. The vertical portion incorporated a dorsal fin giving the tail a round shape, unlike later aircraft. The cantilever 45 foot span wing is of all metal construction and incorporates large Fowler type trailing edge flaps.


The prototype took seven months to build and Snow first flew the aircraft, N44200, in Septertiber 1973. FAA Certification took fifty-nine days and the first production Air Tractor was sold in March 1974. Seven more were delivered that year including the first Air Tractor AT-301, N4327S, the same aircraft but fitted with a P&W R-1340-AN1 of 600 hp and with an operating weight of 7300 lbs. Twenty aircraft were built during 1975 and, at the end of the year, a new hangar was erected to house the expanding company.

In June 1977, N44415, a turbine version of the AT-301, was flown. Known as the AT-302, it was powered by the then new Avco Lycoming LTP101-A1A of 600 hp. Fourteen were built, followed by the AT-302A in 1980 which had a 400 gallon hopper installed. With an operating weight of 7700 lbs, the aircraft had a wider hopper box and was designed for dry fertilisers.

By the end of 1979, some 229 AT-301 had been built. In 1986 the AT-301 design was improved, including redesigning the wing. Before being superseded by the 401 in 1988, 863 AT-301s were built.

Engine: Pratt and Whitney R-985-AN1, 450 hp
Wing span: 45 ft
MAUW: 7300 lb
Hopper cap: 300 USG

Engine: Pratt & Whitney R-1340, 600 hp

Engine: LTP-101-A1A, 600 hp
Hopper cap: 320 USG

Engine: LTP-101-A1A, 600 hp
Hopper cap: 400 USG


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